Worship on cloud 9

I’ve been listening to two worship songs that have really spoken to me

– By your side (Tenth Avenue North)

– Blessings (Laura Story)

Listen to them and worship cloudy 😉


Rain By Cloudy

From the clouds

the rain showers down

waking me 

from sleeping sound

I listen to the lullaby 

Of the pounding rain

I begin to drift off

the sound echoing in my brain

It dulls my thoughts 

And I sit for hours 

listening to

the spring time showers

Till midnight, then dawn, then afternoon

I sit and listen

To the wet monsoon

It’s an orchestra

Of the glorious rain 

hitting hard at windows pane

I watch I listen 

not sure if I’m sane 

concentrating on the sound of the beautiful rain 


Dream cloudy and listen to your rain and let me know how it sounds to you… 😀

Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella

A song by Steven Curtis, a dad who suffered through losing his daughter, after she was hit by his son as he back the car into the drive way. Its so sad, however it was in God’s master plan for her to leave at that time. Steven Curtis has lead an example for other people that when life bites, don’t curl up in a ball hiding and crying, go out to it and face it! This doesn’t mean you can’t cry or feel sad (unless you are inhuman you will,should,have,etc.) but it means you should take that sadness to God. He can help and make it so your never alone through this.

But even though, smile and dream cloudy 😀


When I imagine cirrus clouds, I imagine a circus

Cirrus clouds are like acrobats tumbling high up above everyone’s heads

They’re thin and wispy clouds flipping, swirling, floating, dancing, jumping, falling, then rising again

Dream often, up in the cirrus clouds 😀

To dream cloudy means….?

What does it mean to dream cloudy?

to dream cloudy is to dream of peace, to float through the clouds tickled by the breeze, to have someone say your heads in the clouds but your not listening because your heads in the clouds, to be awake but to dream of dreams, to look into to your own thoughts and not be able to understand them. That is to dream cloudy. So now you know…dream cloudy often and thoroughly 😀 

Cloudy’s inventions…hmmm


Hello blog! I have been having cloudy dreams on some weird future inventions so…

R.G.R (rapid growth replenishment):

A special fertilizer that has mixtures of chemical and natural ingredients. By adding rich nutrients to the soil it will encourage a significantly faster growth in plants. Through helping regrow crops and/or vegetation at a faster rate in places where; deforestation, slash and burn agriculture, and other means of farming, clearing, or natural causes, which causes soil and or the land to become incapable of growing crops and/or vegetation. This product would have a huge benefit on the global agricultural issues that we face today.

Ever wanted your older son to vacuum the house for you, but he complains about having to do such a boring job moving around this dainty little dirt machine? Well here’s an invention that will make him to feel more stylish and masculine while he’s doing his chores. The Man-vac is a vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically to entice the males in your home to find enjoyment while cleaning. The Man-vac is equipped with a high horse power motor that revs up on demand, shiny chrome fenders, mag wheels, and rather than a boring old handle the Man-vac has a stylish leather steering wheel atop a steering column. As well the Man-vac comes in an assortment of colors and patterns including the classic racing stripes and cheetah print. With some skill and practice Man-vac users will enjoy the feature that allows one to do “Wheelies” and still suck dust.
I know they are odd but thats where the most brilliance is shown, in absolute foolishness. Hope these inspire you to dream cloudy 😀

cloudy’s quotes

Here are some awesome quotes that i found really inspiring and that i hope you will also find inspiring,

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken”- Oscar Wilde

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”- Oscar Wilde

“It’s better to be hated for who you are; than to be loved for who you aren’t” – Bette Davis

If you like these quotes, LIKE or Comment and tell me some quotes you found inspiring.  All those quotes and more i found on the website: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes

Remember dream cloudy often 😀